1. Availability:
All goods are offered subject to availability. 

2. Payment:
All goods are delivered on a payment on delivery basis unless otherwise agreed. Where credit facilities have been agreed, payment is due strictly in the terms agreed and in the event of an account being in arrears or the account exceeding the credit terms allowed, we reserve the right to withhold further supplies or to require payment on delivery. The company reserves the right to withdraw our credit facility in the event of late or missed payments and request full payment of all monies outstanding. Debit card payments under £50 incur a charge of 25p per transaction. Debit card payments over £50 are free of charge. Credit card payments incur a charge of 1.5% of the amount paid per transaction.

A charge of £20 +vat will be made to cover bank charges and administrative costs each time a cheque is dishonoured for any reason. The company reserves the right to implement a credit charge of 2% per month on any overdue balances. Any account outstanding beyond our credit terms may be passed on to our debt recovery agent and will be subject to a surcharge of £50 +vat to cover the cost incurred in obtaining settlement. 

3. Alteration of Prices and Packaging:
Our current brochure and our current day price list cancel all previous issues. Every effort will be made to maintain the prices and packaging; however prices and packaging may change and substitute products may be sent without prior notice. All prices are subject to fluctuation and may change without prior notice and prices charged will be those ruling at the time of dispatch. The company accept no responsibility whatsoever for any losses that may occur from this.

4. Errors / Omissions:
The information stated in our price list, brochure, website and any marketing material are given in good faith and are based upon the product formulation and the data provided by our suppliers and is supplied for guidance purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, however mistakes, product delists or changes without prior notice may occur and the company accept no responsibility whatsoever for any losses that may occur from this.

5. Retention of Title:
Title of goods does not pass to the customer until such time as they have complied with our terms of sale and full payment received and cleared.

6. Claims and Shortages:
Advice of damages, shortages or discrepancies must be notified at the time of delivery and an official receipt obtained for any goods returned with either our driver or head office.

7. Minimum Delivery:
Minimum order value – £50 including free delivery. We reserve the right not to deliver or to add a small delivery charge for orders below £50.

8. Splitting Charges:
In some instances cases may be split free of charge, however a small charge may be made for this service with certain products. 

9. Risk:
The risk of loss or damage to the goods will pass to the customer on receipt of delivery.

10. Delivery:
Any dates or times given by the company for delivery are estimated. The company shall not be liable for any losses whatsoever as a result of a failure to adhere to any such dates or times. We reserve the right that our delivery driver has the authority to either abort delivery or leave the delivery at a safe point if conditions are deemed unsafe.

11. Allergens, Product Data & Nutritional Data:
The obligation and responsibility in all cases is with the caterer to have the allergen information available on request for the consumer. If unsure always refer to the manufacturers product specification or label.

We warrant only that we will transmit product data (including product specifications and any other relevant data, nutritional and allergen) as we receive it to the best of our ability.

The company to the best of our ability will maintain our database, however mistakes, changes or substitute products may occur and the company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any instances or costs that occur from this. All data provided is given in good faith only and is based upon the data provided by our suppliers and is purely for guidance purposes only.

Goods originating from outside the UK must be labelled by the retailer according to UK law before sale.